St Petersburg Florida – The Best Place To Vacation In Florida?

May - 23

St Petersburg Florida – The Best Place To Vacation In Florida?

When you see a list of potential places that you can visit in Florida on a vacation, you are probably expecting to see Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale to name a few. What you might not expect to see is a place that you have probably not been to before. It is called St. Petersburg and it’s on the West Coast near Tampa. It is right on Tampa Bay, and this allows you to have access to not only Tampa Bay but the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a wonderful place to be, and if you do have the time to spend at this location for a week or two, there are quite a few activities that will make it exciting. Here are some of the top recommendations for when you visit St. Petersburg, and why this might be the best place to vacation when you are in the Sunshine State.

What Can You Do While You Are There?

In general, you can do many different things which will include fishing off of a pier, fishing in the ocean, and swimming with the dolphins. You can see manatees in their natural habitat, swimming along peacefully, and you can also get into speedboats that will take you across the waters. You can go into areas where alligators can be seen, and you can also take a tour of the city. You can see wonderful plays on a stage, and see incredible art such as that which was painted by Dali.

What Are The Top Most Recommended Places?

Some of the most recommended places that you will see at the top of the list will include sunset cruises, yacht excursions, and museums. One of the best places to go with kids is a St. Petersburg College Planetarium and Observatory, allowing them to learn more about the stars and planets. You can also go on excursions where you can dive off from a boat and see some of the beautiful coral reefs right off the edge of the beach. It’s for all of these reasons and many more that many people consider St. Petersburg Florida to be one of the top vacation destinations.

It is a place that you should reserve at least two weeks to go see, however, you could probably do quite a bit in just a week’s time. If you are going with your wife, or bringing the whole family, there’s going to be something for everyone. Low rates on hotels are possible when you are booking your flight, and always get a rental car. You can always travel down the coast, or head inland, possibly all the way to Orlando. Definitely consider going to St. Petersburg this year for your next vacation.